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Summer products customer returns liquidation stock

July 15th, 2015

We are back to the more traditional offers with this one. One of the wholesalers is offering a liquidation sale of outdoor, summer and leisure wholesale goods. The total available amount of the products is 522 pieces.

This job lot includes many different items, starting from tents, toys and fitness equipment, to end with bicycles and bicycle accessories. Since we have no packing list for this liquidation stock, we are unable to list You all of the available items.

outdoor products wholesale

The most important thing here, is that all of these goods are untested customer returns. It means that the wholesaler does not now their condition, and all of them are sold as seen. Because of that, there is no warranty, or an option of returning them.

For this liquidation stock, only a take all option is applicable. There is no possibility to choose the items You want to buy. You either take the whole lot, or there will be no deal at all. For more information about this offer, just click here: liquidation sale

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