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Speed sledges bankrupt stock for sale

December 1st, 2015

Today we have for you another offer of winter product. This time, one of the bankrupt stock wholesalers from the UK, is offering you a parcel of speed sledges. Although it has not started snowing in most parts of Europe yet, you might be interested in purchasing this consignment.

The basic thing about this deal is timing. The Christmas and winter shopping season for retailers has just begun, and because of that, a reseller should not have any problem with selling these goods until the end of 2015. And even if you will not find a buyer for these speed sledges, you can still wait a few months more. Needless to say, the sledges are getting more expensive, when the snow appears.

speed sledges wholesale

The wholesaler has 800 speed sledges total for sale, and does not want to sell this bankrupt stock in smaller lots. There are a few different colours available, including green, red, yellow and blue. We do not have any detailed information about these speed sledges, besides the fact that these are brand new items. Because of that, please contact the wholesaler directly, to find out more about the deal.

The offer: click here

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