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Snow shovels bankrupt stock for sale

November 24th, 2015

Apart from Christmas decorations and clothing, the winter season increases the popularity of many other wholesale goods. One of this sort of products are snow shovels, which are sold in many chainstores as soon as the first snow appears.

Today, we would like to introduce you an offer from UK wholesaler and bankrupt stock seller. The deal includes 800 snow shovels, which can be found in the picture from below.

snow shovels wholesale

This bankrupt stock includes new items only, so once You buy these goods, You will also be able to retail them instantly. Just mind, that the wholesaler is only interested in a take all order, so You will only be able to place an order with him, if You will take all of these snow shovels.

According to the wholesaler, he is capable of delivering these snow shovels to any European country, if the buyer will be outside the UK. The estimated delivery time is 5 days, but for more detailed information about that, please get in touch with him directly.

More information about the deal: snow shovels bankrupt stock

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