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New wholesale clothing liquidation stock for sale

July 29th, 2015

Job lot pallets of wholesale clothing is the offer, that we would like to share with You this time. This is a liquidation stock, available to purchase from one of the UK wholesalers of closeout stocks.

The parcel consists of new wholesale clothes, which are basically available to buy from one of the major retailers. The name of this chain store has not been disclosed by the wholesaler, but You might be able to recognize it. Enclose You will find one of the pictures of this liquidation stock.

wholesale clothing liquidation stock

The wholesaler will welcome any visits in his warehouse, so You can come and check the stock, and then buy the goods, that You are interested in. The minimal amount to purchase for this wholesale deal is a pallet of these wholesale clothes.

There are some more pictures of this stock available, so if You are interested in this deal, just go to this website to view them: link

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