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Liquidation stock of surgical masks

November 13th, 2015

We do not know how many of You are interested in healthcare products and medical supplies, but today we have found a liquidation stock of these goods. One of the wholesalers and liquidators from the USA, is offering for sale a closeout stock of surgical masks.

surgical masks liquidation stock

All of these wholesale surgical masks were made for USA market, so they probably meet the standards of the USA authorities. We have no information about the certificates though, therefore please discuss this fact with the liquidator directly.

The masks are packed in boxes of 50 masks each, and there are 35.000 boxes total to buy as a minimal order. Smaller orders are not possible, but if You would like to buy even more of these medical supplies, then please be informed, that the liquidator has 7 full trucks of these masks for sale. The mentioned minimal order is one truck.

To find out more about Condor surgical masks liquidation stock, please visit the following website: click here

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