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Fair and trade stand – closeout stock for sale

November 6th, 2014

Closeout stock of one of the German companies has been offered for sale by one of the liquidators from this country. He is offering a fair and trade stand for sale.

The stand is made from aluminimum, and because of that, it is very light and flexible. Moreover, the construction can give You 30 to 100 square metres of the commercial and fair space. Below You can see the assembled stand.

closeout stock for sale

The stand is in good condition, according to the liquidator’s words. Now the important thing for all potential buyers. The liquidator will not ship this stand to You. The only option of buying it, is to collect it from his warehouse. And if You want to visit his facilities, then please be informed, that he has many fair and trade-related products and constructions for sale.

To find out more about this product, or any other products of this liquidator, please go to the following website: link

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