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Disposable lighters wholesale lot for sale

September 29th, 2015

Liquidation stock wholesale trade is not only about buying plant machinery, building equipment, or consumer electronics. Apart from the offers of this sort, there are also deals on smaller items. As a proof for this fact, today we would like to share with You an offer of disposable lighters wholesale lot for sale. Perhaps some of the volume buyers, who visit our website, will be interested in obtaining this closeout stock.

The offer consists of 96.000 disposable lighters total. They are packed in trays of 50 pieces each, and then in boxes of 20 trays each. In other words, one box includes 1.000 disposable lighters total.

disposable lighters wholesalers

The whole liquidation stock does not take too much space, bacause there are 3 pallets of lighters total. The liquidator is obviously interested in selling them all at once, but this is not the requirement. The minimum to order is 36.000 disposable lighters, so You are able to buy a part of this closeout stock.

As You can see in the above picture, all of these lighters come without any names of brands, logos, or any other graphics. They are available in 3 different colours, but we do not know the remaining two. Of course, each colour is packed separately.

If You would like to find out more about this wholesale deal, then just click the following link, to view this offer: click here

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