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Closeout stock of household products

November 17th, 2015

Big liquidation sale of homeware and kitchenware products is the today’s offer, that we have picked for You. The wholesaler and liquidator has a large consignment of these goods for sale, and wants to find a buyer, who will take all of these items within a single deal.

That is right, the basic requirement of the liquidator, is to purchase all of the available products. Among them, You will find many different household items and kitchenware, including the kitchen knives’ sets, which You can find in the picture from below.

kitchenware closeout stock

All of these products are new, and are sold under a very popular brand’s name. We do not have any information about the warranty conditions, so if this is an important fact for You, please get in touch with the liquidator directly.

Also, we have no manifest of the available items, so we are not able to tell You how many pots, pans, knives’ sets are there in total, so again, we encourage You to contact the wholesaler directly for detailed information.

To this end, there are some more images of the stock available. Some of them are examplary ones, but there are also few pictures of the actual closeout stock. To view them, just click the following link: more pictures.

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