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Brand new trampolines closeout stock for sale

June 3rd, 2015

Kids’ wholesale merchandise varies a lot. In most cases, wholesalers and liquidators are offering wholesale toys and nursing products, but once in a while, we receive a bit more unusual offers of this type of goods. Today, we would like to share with You a deal on trampolines.

A large closeout stock of trampolines is an offer, which has been sent to us by one of the US-based liquidators. The parcel is quite big, and consists of 744 trampolines total. All of them are the same, and a picture of one of these trampolines can be found below.

trampolines liquidation stock

Each trampoline weights approximately 53,34 kg without a package. The gross weight is ca. 58 kg. The liquidator is prepared to complete the smaller orders, and does not require buyers to place orders on the total available amount of these products. Still, the minimum to purchase is 275 trampolines, so this offer will likely be suitable for other wholesalers, or big retailers.

What’s very important for offshore deals, the final price will include not only shipping costs, but also insurance. If this closeout stock deal is interesting for You, then please read a bit more about it here: link

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